2021 Contributions

At E*TRADE we are all about smart investing. We take great care with the investment we make in your benefits program. And, we continue to be able to limit any increases to your share of benefits premiums to below the industry average. Remember—you share in this investment, so it is up to you to make smart decisions about your benefits choices.

Coverage Level Employee Employee +1 Family
Aetna High Deductible Consumer Plan* $52.45 $90.61 $128.98
Aetna Choice POS II Plan* $79.58 $157.00 $232.39
MetLife Basic Dental $5.16 $12.05 $19.47
MetLife Premier Dental $6.89 $17.22 $30.55
VSP Vision $1.93 $3.86 $5.80

*Note: All employees will receive a $130 annual discount on their 2021 medical plan premiums, in lieu of the biometric screening discount previously offered.

If you enroll your domestic partner or your domestic partner's children under the E*TRADE benefit plans, keep in mind that payroll deductions for their coverage will be made on a post-tax basis. In addition, the IRS may consider the value of benefits coverage for your domestic partner - and his or her dependents - to be taxable (imputed) income to you. As a result, you will owe additional federal and state income taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes.​​

Contributions for Supplemental Life Insurance

Monthly rate per $1,000 coverage:

Age Employee Spouse
less than 30 $.039 $.045
30-34 $.047 $.054
35-39 $.055 $.072
40-44 $.078 $.108
45-49 $.117 $.179
50-54 $.178 $.278
55-59 $.334 $.449
60-64 $.513 $.664
65-69 $.824 $1.067
70+ $1.601 $4.189

Monthly rate per child:

Benefit Rate
$5,000 $.143
$10,000 $.143

Note: The rates in the table apply to both Employee Supplemental Life Insurance and Spousal Life Insurance. The spouse’s rate will be based on your spouse’s age as of Jan. 1, 2020, and your coverage amount will be based on your salary and/or annual benefit base as of July 1, 2019. To estimate your premium, divide your total coverage amount by 1000 and multiply by the rate applicable for your age. Multiply that by 12 and divide by 26 to obtain your biweekly premium (the system will automatically calculate this for you when you enroll).

Contribution for Group Legal Plan

Group Legal Plan Employee Biweekly Contribution $6.92