Dental Plans

Healthy teeth and gums are essential to your overall health, which is why it is important to have regular dental checkups and maintain good oral hygiene.

You have a choice of two dental plans, both administered by MetLife:

  • The Basic Dental Plan
  • The Premier Dental Plan

Basic Dental Plan

The Basic Dental plan provides comprehensive, affordable coverage within the MetLife network, and covers preventive care at 100% with no deductible.

Premier Dental Plan

The Premier Dental plan offers the same coverage as the Basic Dental plan with a higher annual maximum of $2,000 per participant—and offers coverage for orthodontia.

Key Features

Regardless of which plan you choose, you will enjoy these key features:

  • Preventive and diagnostic care covered at 100%
  • Affordable coverage that helps you manage the cost of dental treatment
  • Wide network of providers that have agreed to negotiated rates, which helps you save money

Find a Network Dentist

Both plans offer higher coverage levels for most services if you see a provider within MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) network. Staying in-network is a good way to save on out-of-pocket expenses. Because network dentists typically handle the paperwork for you, it is also more convenient. As one of the industry’s largest with nearly 110,000 participating locations and 25,000 specialists, the Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) network makes it easy to choose a provider.

Find a dentist

To find an in-network dentist, call 1-800-942-0854 or visit

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Dental Options Compared

Basic Plan Basic Plan Premier Plan Premier Plan
Plan Information In-Network Out-of-Network In-Network Out-of-Network
Annual Deductible Individual: $50
Family: $150
Individual: $50
Family: $150
Individual: $50
Family: $150
Individual: $50
Family: $150
Deductible applies for the following covered services combined: basic restorative, major restorative.
Annual Maximum Benefit $1,500 $1,500 $2,000 $2,000
Annual plan maximum applies for the following covered services combined: basic restorative, major restorative.
Lifetime Orthodontia Plan Maximum Not applicable Not applicable $2,000 $2,000
Benefit Coverage Level        
Type A: Diagnostic and Preventive Services (deductible does not apply) 100% covered 100% covered 100% covered 100% covered
Type B: Basic Restorative Services 80% 70% 80% 70%
Type C: Major Restorative Services 50% 40% 50% 40%
Type D: Orthodontic Covered Services Not applicable Not applicable 50% 40%

Dental Coverage Details

Type A Services: Diagnostic and Preventive

  • Cleanings, oral exams and prophylaxis (cleanings): Two per calendar year separated by a six-month period.
  • Topical fluoride applications: One treatment per 12 months for dependent children up to 14th birthday.
  • X-rays: Full mouth, every five years, one set of bite wings per calendar year.
  • Space maintainers: For dependent children up to 14th birthday.
  • Sealants: One every five years for each non-restored, non-decayed first and second molar of a dependent child up to 19th birthday.

Type B services: Basic restorative

  • Filings (composite and amalgam).
  • Root canal treatment: Limited to once per tooth per 24 months.
  • General anesthesia: When dentally necessary in connection with oral surgery extraction or other covered dental services.
  • Periodontal scaling and root planning: Once per quadrant every 36 months.
  • Periodontal surgery: Once per quadrant every 36 months.
  • Total number of periodontal maintenance treatments and prophylaxis cannot exceed four treatments a year.

Type C services: Major restorative

  • Initial placement to replace one or more natural teeth that are lost while covered by the plan.
  • Dentures and bridgework: Replacement every 10 years.
  • Bridges and dentures: Replacement of an existing temporary full denture if the temporary denture cannot be repaired and the permanent denture is installed within 12 months after the temporary denture was installed.
  • Crown/inlays/onlays: Replacement every 10 years.

Type D services: (covered under Premier Plan only Orthodontic Covered Services)

  • All dental procedures performed in connection with orthodontic treatment are payable as orthodontic services. Payments are on a repetitive basis and the benefit for initial placement of the appliance will be made representing 20% of the total benefit.
  • Orthodontic benefits end when coverage is cancelled.
What is covered?

What exactly is the difference between “basic” and “major” services? The difference might involve significant out-of-pocket costs. So before you make an appointment, review the coverage definitions above to help plan for your health care expenses. It is also a good idea to request a pre-treatment estimate from your dentist for services in excess of $300, such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and periodontia.

Use Your Dental Benefits Wisely

Here is how to make the most of your dental benefits:

  • Choose a provider. Each time you need dental care, you have a choice of providers. Selecting a participating dentist in the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) network will ensure you receive the highest benefits from your plan. To find a provider, visit
  • Request a pretreatment estimate. If your service will exceed $300, request a pretreatment estimate from MetLife. You should always submit a request for a pretreatment estimate for procedures and services your dentist believes will exceed $300 (procedures such as crowns, inlays, bridges, and periodontics). For more information about pretreatment estimates, call MetLife at 1-800-942-0854 or visit

Finally, be sure to check your claim status and other information at MetLife. You can review Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements, check if claims have been paid, and more.